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Project Description


Item Name

100 ml

Water Capacity

4 hours

Run Time
  • Simple push-push button at base

  • Inimitable light line

  • Changing color or selected color lighting with sleep mood


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What’s in the Box

Dimensions: 175 * 117 * 82 mm

DC 24V/12W Power Adapter


Color Box: 135 * 96 * 238 mm

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When used with your favorite NEO, the ultrasonic diffuser’s refreshing cool mist brings nature’s goodness into your space, supporting balance and harmony.

Bring water to unit and fill to line.

Add 10-15 drops of the essential oil of your choice. The more drops you add, the stronger the aroma will be.

Reference instruction manual for more direction on settings.

Q: What if my unit does not turn on?

Power adapter may not be properly plugged in; ensure that the power adapter is properly plugged into the DC power jack and the electrical source.

Q: What if my unit does not mist or there is almost no mist?

There may not be enough water in the water tank; ensure that the water tank is  filled to the maximum water level line. The water level may be too high (higher than the maximum water level line); pour out excess water and try again. The ceramic disc may require cleaning. Please see “Care & Maintenance” instructions.

Q: What type of water should go into my ultrasonic diffuser?

To prevent damage to the unit, it’s recommended to use room temperature tap water. To prevent clogging and damage to the ceramic disc, always use clean water.

Q: What can I put in my ultrasonic diffuser?

Use only 100% natural diffuser blends; other blends and oils may contain fragrances, base oils or synthetics that could result in malfunction.

Many single note essential oils should not be used in the ultrasonic diffuser. Single note essential oils may have a thick or heavy consistency that can clog the ultrasonic diffuser and cause it to stop working.

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