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We deliver progress that markets need. We own more patents than any other company, many are shared in order to improve the integral quality level of the industry.

KERI piezo ceramic
—an exemplary development

One result of our determination is KERI piezo ceramic, the heart of the essential oil diffuser. We are the only essential oil diffuser manufacturer who produce this core component by self. The world top rank production facility was built in 2013, now we have managed not only to double the lifespan, but also significantly improved the performance as compared with conventional piezo.


We have staff of 35 R&D engineers devoted to R&D, developing new product and continuously updating, improving and testing all products. They support throughout the whole systematic work. Moreover, we also draw from external experts and academic authorities who have complementary vision.

We own our laboratory operating according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, committed to staying ahead of the curve in the development of breakthrough new products as well as refine and improve current range. Our laboratory is appointed experimental institution of the government, contributing to move the industry – and the industry to get things moving.

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—ISO9002:2000 certified

We are a manufacturer in the true sense of the word. The entire value creation, from product design & technical development and production of core components through to the final assembly & inspection of the finished products, all takes place in house.

Our complete in-house manufacturing capabilities is enhanced by highly skilled staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and smart manufacturing methodologies. Everything we invested reflects our highest pursuits to highest quality at effective cost.

Quality and Standards

We live the philosophy that quality has priority. We have the tradition to act proactively by optimizing our products, that has set new quality standards again and again.

We act cooperatively by committing to international standards. Moreover we are guided above all by what our customers need at their higher standards.

We guarantee not only the excellent properties of our products but also their availability at the time of use.